Answers about Solid Mfg.

Who is Solid?

Solid is a one-stop manufacturing broker for bands, record labels, and creatives. Since 2012 we have completed thousands of projects using our worldwide network of trusted vendors. In 2015, Solid partnered with A to Z Media, allowing us to offer a host of new products, expand vinyl pressing capacity, and draw upon their 25 years of music industry experience.

Who is Solidbot?

Our Solidbot webapp automates the process of moving your project through production. The bot handles anything math related (real-time quotes), complicated in nature (automated status updates), or exceedingly mundane (tracking numbers). Behind the scenes our real life support team is on hand to answer any questions.

How do I get a quote and start my order?

Choose a product and use its Project Builder to create a quote. Once saved, you will be brought to the Project Timeline. From here Solidbot and our support staff will get your order rolling.

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Answers about Artwork Files

What file formats does Solid accept?

We accept Illustrator, Photoshop, .PDF, and .EPS files. The image resolution should be 300DPI. The color mode should be either grayscale or CMYK.

How do I download templates? How do I upload my artwork files?

After building and saving a quote the Project Timeline will display a link to your templates and allow you to upload files. For a more complete list of templates click here.

What about artwork proofs?

After you upload your art we will review it, prepare it for production, and generate a PDF proof - usually within 24 hours. We recommend using Adobe acrobat with “overprint preview” turned on to view your proofs. Some things to remember:

What do I need to know about bleed and safety lines?

Your artwork should extend fully to the template’s outer dotted “bleed” line. Any text or logos should be within the template’s “safety” line.

Why should I leave my artwork in layers?

Submitted files should always have customer artwork on a separate layer from the Solid template. This will make sure we can print your files without our templates showing up on the final product.

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Answers About Vinyl Pressing

What color vinyl can I get?

Vinyl Type Vinyl Color Closest Pantone Color
Opaque Black N/A
Opaque White N/A
Opaque Grey PMS 422
Opaque Silver N/A
Opaque Light Pink PMS 706
Opaque Red PMS 485
Opaque Pink PMS 206
Opaque Maroon PMS 201
Opaque Bronze PMS 160
Opaque Orange PMS 1495
Opaque Gold N/A
Opaque Mustard Yellow N/A
Opaque Yellow PMS 3935
Opaque Cream PMS 7499
Opaque Light Green PMS 367
Opaque Dark Green PMS 575
Opaque Dark Blue PMS 308
Opaque Light Blue N/A
Opaque Purple PMS 2612
Semi-Transparent Brown PMS 499
Transparent Cloudy Clear N/A
Transparent Clear N/A
Transparent Red PMS 485
Transparent Orange PMS 021
Transparent Tan PMS 141
Transparent Yellow PMS 3955
Transparent Lemon Yellow PMS 387
Transparent Green PMS 3405
Transparent Olive Green PMS 581
Transparent Coke Bottle Green PMS 557
Transparent Pale Blue PMS 565
Transparent Blue PROCESS BLUE
Transparent Royal Blue PMS 7460
Transparent Purple PMS 512
Base Color Combinations Number of Colors Notes
Black 1 Solid black vinyl.
Econo Mix 1 Random, mixed color vinyl at the same price as black.
Solid Color Vinyl 1 One solid color vinyl.
Half/Half 2 One half of disc is one color and the other half is a second color.
Color In Color 2 A transparent base color with an opaque color blog inserted in the middle around the center label.
A-Side / B-Side 2 One color on the top of the disc is compressed against a color on the base of the disc, creating unqiue patterns on both sides of the disc.
Smoke 2 A transparent base with a black smoke haze effect.
Three Color Stripes 3 Three colors in parallel stripes.
120 Degree Segments 3 Three colors emanating from the center of the record in roughly equal 120-degree stripes.


Splatter 1-3 Up to three colors of splatter can be applied to nearly any base or base combination.
Haze 1 One color of haze can be applied to nearly any base combination. A maximum of 300 units per disc can be done as haze.

What’s your current turnaround time? Can you rush my order?

To check current turntimes for a product choose its Project Builder to create a quote. The Project Timeline will display an estimated turntime. Our support staff can answer any more specific questions using the Project Timeline. Unfortunately, we don’t offer rush orders at this time.

How does payment work?

We require a 50% deposit to begin your vinyl order and we collect the balance of the order when product is completed. You can pay both the deposit and the balance directly on the Order Ticket. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.

Where is my order shipped from?

Vinyl Pressing orders ship to US locations from our Queens, NY warehouse. Our vinyl products are manufactured at GZ Media in the Czech Republic. All prices include import and customs costs to the US but do not include UPS shipping from our warehouse.

Can I pick up my order?

Pickup of Vinyl Pressing projects at our Queens, NY warehouse is free and convenient. As soon as your order has been brought into the warehouse and processed we will notify you directly and set you up with pickup appointment instructions. Warehouse pickup hours are between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

What is overrun? How does it affect my quote?

Vinyl Pressing projects complete with a variance over/under the quantity ordered. Solid does not charge overrun on any vinyl pressing orders. This is unique in the industry and allows us to provide customers with accurate quotes and no surprise fees. We refund proportionally for any underrun. We do not refund or credit for individual colorways being underrun.

When should I get my materials in to stay on schedule?

As soon as we receive deposit, audio, and all tracklisting and audio info, we can get started working on getting your project scheduled for cutting, plating, and test pressings. Before the plant can schedule your project for full vinyl pressing we need to receive approval of all art proofs and order specs. Once received, the plant can schedule out your order according to the current turn times. Short answer: get everything in as soon as humanly possible.

Can you provide me with a barcode?

We can provide all Solid Vinyl Pressing customers with a free barcode number and graphic for insertion into their art or to use on a sticker, OBI strip, etc. Just drop us a line on your Project Ticket.

What is DMM? How do you plate your records?

DMM or Direct to Metal Mastering is the process by which our plant takes audio files and creates the metal stamping plates that will be used to turn a plastic blob into a vinyl record with music on it. In the DMM process, mastering engineers will digitally cut audio waveforms directly into a copper metal master disc which will then be used to create the stampers which are pressed into the plastic disc.

Can I supply my own lacquers or plates?

We currently do not accept outside lacquers or plates for vinyl pressing.

How much music can I fit on a record? What speed is best?

Vinyl Size 33 ⅓ RPM 45 RPM
7” 5 to 7 minutes 3 - 4.5 minutes
10” 11 to 13 minutes 8 - 10 minutes
12” 18 - 20 minutes 12 - 15 minutes

What vinyl and packaging options do you offer?

We offer many vinyl and packaging options:

Vinyl Options


Special Features:

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Answers about Print and Record Packaging

What’s your typical turnaround for bulk print and record packaging orders? Can you rush my order?

Typically, from approval of proofs and payment to shipment of product, bulk print and record packaging takes about 3 weeks. Each product will display its current average turntime on your order ticket. If you need your order for a specific date, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you meet your deadline.

How much is shipping?

All bulk print and merch orders, basically everything that isn’t vinyl, includes free shipping to one US address.

How does payment work?

After you have approved the proof for your artwork and provided shipping information, Solidbot will ask for your payment information. We currently accept all major credit and debit cards on our order tickets and can take Paypal payments via request.

Can I combine orders for more than one product? Can I combine shipping?

At this time, any Print Shop orders with multiple items requires multiple order tickets. By clicking the My Account button on the top right of the Solid website, you can create a customer account and view all your orders in one window. All of our prices include free shipping so there is no savings by combining shipping.

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Merchandise, Zine and Book Printing Questions

What is your turntime for merchandise, books, and zines?

From approval or proofs and payment to shipment, screenprinted merchandise will take about two weeks to ship, enamel pins will take about four weeks, and zine and book printing products will take about three weeks. Each product will display its current average turntime on your order ticket. If you need your order for a specific date, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you meet your deadline.

How should I submit my zine or book file?

Please submit zine and book art files as PDF files, laid out as a printer spread. Please include .25” of bleed on all sides.

Can you print newsprint projects?

We absolutely can! Hit us up for a custom quote.

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